"Again, we absolutely LOVE the look of the roof; I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I drive into the garage; it's exactly the look I wanted."
Ruthie Duvall - Columbia, SC

"For the 2002-2003 winter, we had a new Gerard roof, and our gas bill showed a use of only 166 therms (a 56% reduction)! I would hesitate to attribute all of that reduction to the new roof, as other factors such as average temperatures, vacations taken, etc. would have an impact. However, I would have no reservations in stating that I believe the majority of the reduction came from the new roof."
Alan & Susan Barclay - Alpharetta, GA

"August 2001 we replaced our 7 year old composite shingle roof with the Gerard roof. Our electric bills this summer were approximately 35% less than prior years; even taking into account the lower electric rates!"
Dennis & Candace Wigant - Rowlett, TX

"This charcoal shake roof has significantly changed the look of our 91 year old church. This beautiful old church never seemed to look right with the three-tab shingles that replaced a slate roof many years ago."
Jay Burks - St. James Episcopal Church

"…the job is as close to perfect as one can get. I received good value for the price paid."